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EEIGCham Training 

EEIGCham Training places learning and continuous development courses with its long term vision. By partnering with some of the world’s best training providers and working with trainers with a solid track record in their respective fields, its learning solutions foster change that make a difference on the work place.  The same result-oriented approach is behind its team building and culture development programmes. They bring a fun and memorable moment to participants while bonding them strongly around key values that are essential to their organisation.

Lobbyist Certification Training

The Lobbyist Certification Training Program provides certified quality training in a wide area of knowledge and skills fundamental to the practice of lobbying and an influence communion.

Open the doors of a professional career in lobbying

Choose one of the courses we have for you, acquire quality knowledge and get the certificate of Professional Lobbyist.

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Certificates that can change your career.


E-Learning Training: 20 lessons

Access Duration: 3 months with the trainer’s assistance.

The training includes:

  • Training Certificate.
  • Professional Lobbyist Registration.
  • Documentation for access to the European Parliament and the European institutions.

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How to Enroll to a Classroom Training?

If you want to do a quality training with European certificate and professional mobility, we have the solution.

Search the area of the course that you want from our Learning Program.

Online Training Courses


Lobbying in the political campaigns and elections

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